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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
By Stephenie Robinson Photography
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This morning my cat did something he hasn't done in a really long time ... he JUMPED UP ON THE SOFA! This seemingly unimportant, natural habit totally made my day!  You see, he's my baby. He's 13 years old and had to have MAJOR surgery in August of last year.  His recovery has been long and dare I say stressful!  I think I could also add the word "exhausting" to the mix :)  As an animal lover and advocate I was willing to take this journey with my boy. I've learned quite a few lessons along the way. Like, some things just take time no matter how quickly you think they should move.  Everything is a process and sometimes the process is comprised of lots of mini lessons. 

I cannot recall that last time I saw him jump. So when he did it this morning ... just out of nowhere, I was filled with a kind of joy that's hard to explain.  It was like seeing something you've hoped and prayed for appear before you.  It was a moment that let me know that his recovery is still in progress and that we're on the right road. :) 

So I just thought I'd share this little story with you. In case you need encouragement to keep believing and keep moving. You see there was a time early on after his surgery when it was suggested to me that perhaps the surgery hadn't worked and that I should consider ... well, you know. ( I can't even say it) :)  But I just knew my boy and that he needed a little time. We've got a ways to go yet ... but today's leap onto the sofa is a leap toward complete recovery as far I'm concerned.


With Love & Light!



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