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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
By Stephenie Robinson Photography
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It's 2017 and this year more than in previous years, I sense my life being redirected.  Particularly with what I choose to do with my photography and what I want it to mean.  I'm not able to pinpoint exactly the direction I'm headed in, but I'm optimistic.  I believe the condition of the society in which we're living today has in a way tested what I believed to be true about humanity.  Not to say that we are living in absolute dreadful conditions ... we are not. What I guess I'm referring to is what seems to be general lack of loving and caring for each other. Love is absolutely necessary in this world and I just don't think we're showing enough of it. If I'm honest ... it deeply concerns me.

I'm excited and hopeful about what I can do to contribute to the world. I want my work to be thoughtful, helpful and meaningful to all who see and experience it. Change can be such an uncomfortable thing, but I want to conscientiously embrace the unknown. Boldly accept this new direction and trust that God has a greater plan. This blog post will serve to remind me when I'm feeling uneasy or depleted that I need to just keep moving. 

I hope that we will start showing more love and compassion for each other. Love is really the only answer. Love for your fellow man, empathy for his journey and a basic desire to understand each other would change the world.  It's my prayer that we get there soon.

Love & Light!




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